Sunday, May 9, 2010

days 125 through 129

I am getting a little bored with this project to be honest, but hopefully someone out there is still reading my blog!

Day 125. May 5, 2010. Stack of books to be read (minus the glass castle, why is it in that stack?)
2010-05-05 wednesday 003

Day 126. May 6, 2010. Creeped out by this wax head clay man at Tiga.
2010-05-06 thursday 009

Day 127. May 7, 2010. The bye & bye at the Bye and Bye. Tasty and colorful!
2010-05-07 byeandbye 005

Day 128. May 8, 2010. An exciting Saturday night at Fred Meyer.
2010-05-08 grocery 002

Day 129. May 9, 2010. Weird yard art abounds in the yards on the side streets off of Hawthorne.
2010-05-09 hawthorne 006


Paul! said...

I follow the blog!....
and i get camera envy everytime

Michelle Suzanne said...

haha awesome thanks Paul! I have camera envy of Matthew's camera!