Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Rain, rain, go away.

I feel bad writing a blog post without posting any pictures, but I thought my laptop was totally dead and today it decided it wanted to work. I am honestly just feeling too lazy to upload pictures and post them right now, because I stayed up too late last night and don't have the patience after typing all day at work. So, just thought I would let my readers (if there are any!) know what is going on. I am still taking photos daily and I will try to post some tomorrow, if the computer wants to work. Otherwise I'll just stockpile a bunch on my camera and have a massive post in days to come. In the meanwhile, feel free to look at Matthew's pictures over at FLOOK.ME/FOTOS as he is being a little more strict about posting daily and his pictures look better than mine. Don't forget about me though! I will be back soooon!

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